05 JAN 2018

Curas is adding an additional service to partners, associated and clinical staff & end-users of the company’s medical products.

Casper L Kobke, director, explains: “We have been working on an increasing educational platform for a while, as our products are becoming more and more important for hospitals’ Infection Prevention work and strategies, and it has become clear to us that a number of our of our products would benefit from a video-based support and presentation. One such product is the C3 Emptying Bag [View Product] range, which we are seeing as a very important product in our range, both from a surgical urology stand-point, but also in the wider context of protection of staff and patients in such areas Oncology, Intensive Care and wider nursing tasks related to our Urine Handling category of products. Today’s handling of urine drainage bags are associated to unacceptable risks & costs, and the C3 changes that in a very positive way. We are now helping that message to come across by the video tools available.”

The Curas Education videos are made available for high-resolution (PC and conferences use) as well as lower-resolution (phones and tablets), and a Youtube channel will follow later in 2018, update to follow.

Download Video Link - PC/Tablets (54.7MB)

Download Video Link - Apple/Android (9.7MB)

10 July 2017

Curas has a clear commitment to assist hospitals, nursing homes and other health related facilities to benefit from the introduction of clean, cost-effective and disposable urine bottles. And, as a very unique feature for the Curas product line; the urinals are pre-loaded with SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber.

In order to fully see and understand the product solution; Curas is proud to present a new introduction kit:

A special carton combining the all-new Stainless Steel Wall Rack (REF 11500) and the updated Disposable Urine Bottle w/SAP by Curas™ (REF 08056).

The new demonstration set, ready to bring to the clinical demonstration situation and fully ready to be used in a real patient-driven customer case, is ordered as REF 99865 Trial Set, and it is provided to you via the Curas Logistical Hub in Belgium.