Curas’ current branding image was designed by Frontal Lab design (Denmark) in 2005. It has served Curas very well the last four years, but as a branding specialist it is important that Curas - as a name and as well as a brand - always maintain its attractive expression. As a result of our close partnership with Frontal Lab we have now finished a six months’ process of upgrading the Curas brand.


During 2009 Curas will therefore undertake a step-by-step upgrading process to the key design elements of our brand, whilst maintaining the fundamental colour scheme and logo expression. We will upgrade many elements such as stationary, business cards, packaging design and digital working tools.


The aim of the brand maintain, however, its core value: To be a safe, conservative, careful, loyal but innovative player in the international healthcare industry. We seek to be the brand that connects selected products, from selected factories via our selected national distributors to the end-users and patients of medical products across 50+ countries.