SAP by Curas™

A major part of patient treatments involves unwanted exposure to bodily fluids, liquids, vomitus, diarrhea, blood, drugs-mixtures, IV therapy water and countless other forms of substances.

The case for – systematically - be using fluid absorbent powder (SAP) sachets is very strong, and centred on the following four elements:

  • Using SAP ends or reduce the risk of accidental spillage of, or leakage from, medical containers, receptacles, urinals and bags (etc).
  • Using SAP prevents spilled, moving or shacked substances to turn into airborne particles which are able to pollute and contaminate a enlarged area.
  • Costly staff time is every day used or wasted in dealing with the consequences of spillages and associated contaminations and nosocomial outbreaks.
  • Patient treatments are often stressful for those involved. The additional risk and burden of accidents, caused by the patient or assisting staff; leads to increased levels of tension, agony and in some cases humiliation of those involved.

SAP by Curas™ is a modern range of cost-effective and extremely user-friendly super absorbent products. The range of SAP products manufactured and offered by Curas fits multiple applications and situations.