Drainage Bags

Curas Urine Drainage Bags play a very critical role as a disposable product throughout the echelons of patient care: From low-key home healthcare settings to highly sophisticated Intensive Care situations; the availability of a modern urine bag is absolutely paramount and central to long-term patient care and recovery paths.

Curas offers an easy-to-understand product line structure and medical based direction for caregivers; which gives facility managers, clinical buyers, professional nursing staff and even end-users themselves the necessary guidance and insight they need. The core of our range is the clearly defined categories:

C1: Pediatric Care for neonatal and infant care situations.
C2: Standard Urine Bags (short-term), in both non-sterile and sterile versions.
C3: Special Emptying Bag (ad-hoc), securing a clean & safe draining & removal of collected urine fluid.
C4: Closed System Urine Bags (medium-term), offering patients the benefits improved hygienic performance.
C6: Closed System Bags w/Drip Chamber (long-term), for the complex application and when elevated risks & patient needs.
C8: Closed System Bags for Irrigation Purposes (TUR), a solution for post-OP flushing situation and when premium capacity is required.

The urine drainage bags are always used with a Foley (balloon) catheter, and Curas is proud to offer the market a full range of short, medium and long-term Foley catheters. We invite you to select the individual product groups to explore our Curas products in further details.

Nursing Interventions to Reduce the Risk of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Staff Education, Monitoring, and Care Techniques.