20 Feb 2017

Curas, a market leading innovator in nursing related disposable product solutions, now introduces its all-new Curas Emergency Sets.

The initial product line consists of two product solution, the REF 06200 and REF 06201. Both Emergency Sets contains a selection of important disposable products for patient care and nursing:

  • Disposable 1.5L Vomit Bags w/fluid absorber (pre-loaded)
  • Disposable 1.0L Urine Bottles w/fluid absorber (pre-loaded)
  • Disposable 3.0L General Purpose Bowls w/Hygiene Control Bag™ (pre-fitted)
  • SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber sachets [only REF 06201]

During periods of elevated risks, during outbreaks, during periods with reprocessing equipment failure or shortage, during natural disasters, during conflict periods, during patient transport situations and in other scenarios; the Curas Emergency Sets will play a vital role in preventing infections and nosocomial conditions. The Infection Prevention Emergency Sets by Curas will be rolled out during 2017.