Infection Prevention

Modern day medicine has seen huge advances in technologies, techniques, anatomical understanding and scale of operational capabilities. But not all is well: Increasingly we learn about tragic outcome of otherwise routine medical procedures; cases where patients and medical staff is impacted negatively due to a severe bacterial or viral infection as a result of hospitalization or other institutionalized healthcare provided.

At Curas we consider it our urgent priority and utmost responsibility to provide patients, end-users, customers and partners with cost-effective product solutions which step by step help decrease the risk associated to medical intervention.

From a simple disposable apron being provided - to delivering a sophisticated and integrated all-hospital solutions for human waste handling; Curas is recognized for its innovation, quality and ability to educate the market; leading to reducing nosocomial risks and savings achieved alongside human suffering avoided.

We welcome you to study the following pages and learn about steps to be taken against commonly found problem areas.

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The causes of infection