The healthcare industry itself is needed in the pursue of ever improved treatments of patients. The improvements - which are in focus - are wide ranging in fact. They look at all sorts of aspects, to mention but a few:

  • Improving mechanical product performance
  • Improving hygienic product performance
  • Improving logistical and environmental product performance
  • Improving unit and total cost

The industry also has a significant role in improving the safety of use. This is perhaps the most difficult one, because it - to a large extend - involves user-patents, training, habits and customs as well as clinical guidelines and user instructions.

Throughout Curas, we are systematic in our approach to industry. We understand fully that without the commitment of the industry (funding & priority) general healthcare will not improve to the extend that is needed.

In this major task, the industry know that they can find a long-term partnership in Curas.

Partnership with Manufacturer

It is evident throughout the world that firm relationship and co-operation produce outstanding results, innovation and progress.

At Curas we believe that systematic exchange of information is an advantage and therefore we apply a big commitment to our manufacturing partners. This commitment through active partnerships will enable free flow of information which in turn will benefit everybody concerned.

Becoming a successful supplier to the Curas brand is a tall order for any company, but in return comes an unprecedented commitment and loyalty from Curas. Once we have carefully selected our manufacturing principal; they will enter a relationship of commitment and yield.

The Curas brand will open up new markets and commercial avenues; it will apply a first class branding and information system that will improve the outlook for virtually any manufacturer.

Solution Europe

Gaining access to the growing Curas brand will develop into a whole sale market solution vis-à-vis Europe.

Europe has become the world’s 2nd largest and now fastest growing medical device market. This is attractive to the producers of high-quality products and to the well managed industry players. However, Europe is also a colossal challenge due to the complex nature of countries, regions, languages and cultures. It can safely be stated that Europe is made up by 100 – 200 sub-markets comprising tens of thousands of clinical and commercial decision makers.

Thanks to Curas’ integrated network of highly efficient and proven national distribution partners; we can truly state that a supplier role for the Curas brand is a pan-European solution applied.

Product Development

Whether a company is facing New Product Development or Existing Product Development; the biggest challenge will remain the same: Access to significant and validated market data.

Understanding clinical trends, factors and legal aspects is a necessary part of successfully keeping up with an ever changing market.

Whilst most manufacturers are both committed to innovation and in a position to fund the necessary investments in research and process capabilities; it is relatively few who can cost-effectively communicate with a market as complex as the international healthcare market.

By systematic and long-term commitment; Curas offer our manufacturing partners a unique and value-adding co-operation and genuine partnership in Product Development. Our ability to understand the market and communicate with clinical and commercial decision makers; enables Curas to convey valuable and much welcome input to our partners, who in turn are bringing improved products and services to the Curas brand.


Curas has established a strong supply chain system in order to reach the goals of the manufacturer and national distributor. Each party has a duty to minimize operational costs in order to secure the end-users of Curas products the best possible price and quality, at any time and place.

Barcode Information and Instructions:  Curas Barcode Guide [2.82MB] and Barcode template [284KB].

In order to control and support the supply chain, Curas co-operates with the world leading barcode provider, GS1 UK, from where we have licensed our unique barcoding standard and system [159KB]. This partnership secures that our entire supply chain, from factory door to consumer’s hand, has a safe and accurate logistical flow of goods and important information. In addition; it provides vital traceability in the rare case that a product does not meet our high quality expectations and needs to be removed from the market with immediate effect.


As Curas is engaged in the medical devices and supplies across countries and regions throughout the world; it is very important that customers and end-users understand the advice given through the symbols Curas uses on the packaging and protection of Curas products.

Please find enclosed here the full list of symbols used on Curas packaging material. If you have any questions or problems relating to the user-friendly symbols used by Curas please contact us via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.