Welcome to Curas.

Curas is an international brand of disposable medical devices and hygienic healthcare products.

The brand is represented across countries and continents by professional & dedicated national or regional distribution partners, who serve our customers and consumers with the rapidly growing range of medical devices.

Manufacturing excellence and our service orientated supply chain secure a cost-effective product offering; with clear emphasis on the general nursing, incontinence and health care facility product areas; united in quality and user-friendly support.


Curas will offer an ever increasing range of products and services that represent healthcare interests, through the ever more known and globally exposed Curas brand. We must be known and respected for our fair business practices, our personal integrity at all levels of the organization and always new thinking. We will provide cost-effective products to an ever developing market place through our attractive long-standing partnerships and active brand leadership.

Curas will utilize the energy, need, creativity and financial resources of every single partner, associate and employee, in order to reach our common goals. By offering our co-operation, loyalty and engagement; people will in turn, each one of us, benefit long-term in all their important desires and ambitions, and therefore increase their commitment to Curas.