November 2018

Emerging infectious microorganisms are vigorously spreading and subsequently causing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) worldwide. Unawareness of healthcare providers (HCPs) at hospitals and the lack of sufficient medical devices/equipment increases the percentage of HAIs. The critical sources of exposure that are not given enough attention are spills and splashes. All body fluids should be treated as “potentially infectious” to minimize the spread of infections. Hence, the Curas team came up with an educational video for our valuable viewers to allow them to educate themselves on the dangers of spills and splashes.

The Curas C3 Emptying Bag (International Patent Pending) is our latest innovation that provides a closed connection to overcome the dangers and risks of spills and splashes. Viewers and HCPs will be able to handle infectious urine safely by learning from this video.

Download for PC/Tablets (72.4MB)

Download for Smart Phone (13.6MB)