22 APR 2018

Curas is introducing the latest product to the C3 portfolio of Emptying Bags, for safe drainage of the urine collected in catheter bags, which is the all-new 1.5L size product, known as REF 20465.

Casper L Kobke, director explains: “We see, worldwide, a growing market for leg-bags, and the individuals using leg-bags are often using sizes ranging from 1/3 to 2/3 of a litre capacity. This isn’t enough to hold the collected urine during nights, thus the leg-bags are often attached to a so-called night-bag, which is a much larger (1.5-2L) bag hanging by the bedside or placed on a floor stand. We know there are many negative issues relating to these types of applications, in fact it is in many ways a more complicated affair than we often admit to. So, the C3 product by Curas is designed to be a more logical product, a more practical product, a more discrete/private product, a more convenient product…and most importantly perhaps; an Infection Prevention driven product in line with our strategy for the Curas medical devices”.

The product is designed to be connected – directly – onto the drainage tap of a leg-bag, and with a safe connection in place; the C3 will add the additional and much needed extra capacity. Once the urine is inside the C3 Emptying Bag; the super absorbent powder kicks in, and just like an adult diaper (a.k.a. incontinence product) or absorbent under-pad; the urine is gelled inside the C3 unit, and after complete use the C3 is easily disconnected and discarded as per protocol, which means often just like a diaper, because it is after all the ‘same thing’ in the sense that it holds urine and it is stabilized thanks to the SAP by Curas powder.

The use of C3 Emptying Bags is a cost-effective solution and recommended in all cases where urine handling is involved, and in particular in higher risks scenarios where e.g. cytotoxic urine or blood or infectious urine is involved, or could potentially be involved. Curas is designing and manufacturing products to reduce the risks of nursing.