A very important part of the PPE portfolio is the PE Aprons, single-use and always ready to protect against microorganism and contamination of nursing staff and their uniforms.

Janice Lim, Curas’s General Manager, elaborates, “For many end-users the disposable PE Aprons have become a very important part of the regular nursing tasks, and often used together with a set of medical examination gloves, almost per default. The introduction of Curas’ new BoxPak™ solution caters to hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare settings, and all levels of clinical environments, are making it easier for the caring staff to protect themselves. The dispensing box, same size as a box of exam gloves, ensures a very practical method of distribution to all staff”.
Curas provides the products in three sizes; M: 108cm, L: 120cm and XL: 140cm of length.