05 October 2019

With the latest product, REF 09602, a larger-than-normal SAP Pad (for body fluid control); is the successful range of SAP by Curas been further improved.

The super absorbent pad (SAP by Curas™) is designed to meet multiple clinical objectives, such as:

  • An insert in a bedpan, to prevent urine spraying and staining with the risk of causing aerosol contamination risks.
  • An insert in a slipper pan, to prevent human waste being dislocated during difficult use & removal efforts.
  • An insert in a sharps & needles container, to absorb harmful liquids and thus avoiding spills or evaporation of liquids.
  • An insert in female medical pulp and plastic urinal bottles, the lower edges makes spills and accidents more likely during use.
  • An absorption pad in the case of bed-spills, floor spills etc.
  • Added to a larger volume of wash-water (basin), following a medium to high risk bed bathing procedure.

The SAP by Curas™ is available in all markets where Curas is represented and we welcome your enquiry – please write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.