Commode Chair Bowls

Commode Chair Bowls

1.1.3-Commode Chair Bowls


The commode chairs are an integral part of caring for patients and people suffering from a reduced mobility – the commode chairs are therefore often associated with e.g. post-surgical patients or elderly people, both groups require perfect hygienic standards & care to avoiding complications and infections linked to hospitalization.

Due to the nature of the commode chairs; their designs and intended (problematic) use of these, there are significant risks associated with either the ad-hoc or the continued use of such commode chairs, and here at Curas we are working towards actively reducing such user-related risks through active infection prevention steps and solutions: Through the proper & safe use of a disposable alternative product offering.

Thanks to a growing range of Curas Hygiene Pulp™ disposable Bowls, Pans and Liners products designed for commode chairs; it is today possible for any facility manager and care provider to switching to a fully disposable product platform and hence avoiding the messy, risky, time consuming and potentially cross infectious activities of repeatedly re-using receptacles and containers, and instead enjoying the multiple benefits provided by the modern and user-friendly Curas range.


REF 08000 QTY
Single Pack -
WardPak™ (Inner Bag) 50
Outer Carton ( Case ) 150
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~10


REF 08027 QTY
Single Pack -
WardPak™ (Inner Bag) 25
Outer Carton ( Case ) 100
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~5


REF 08031 QTY
Single Pack -
WardPak™ (Inner Bag) 100
Outer Carton ( Case ) 400
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~14


REF 08032 QTY
Single Pack -
WardPak™ (Inner Bag) 40
Outer Carton ( Case ) 120
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~9


REF 08033 QTY
Single Pack -
WardPak™ ( Inner Bag ) 50
Outer Carton ( Case ) 200
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~12