20 Feb 2017

Curas, a market leading innovator in nursing related disposable product solutions, now introduces its all-new Curas Emergency Sets.

The initial product line consists of two product solution, the REF 06200 and REF 06201. Both Emergency Sets contains a selection of important disposable products for patient care and nursing:

  • Disposable 1.5L Vomit Bags w/fluid absorber (pre-loaded)
  • Disposable 1.0L Urine Bottles w/fluid absorber (pre-loaded)
  • Disposable 3.0L General Purpose Bowls w/Hygiene Control Bag™ (pre-fitted)
  • SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber sachets [only REF 06201]

During periods of elevated risks, during outbreaks, during periods with reprocessing equipment failure or shortage, during natural disasters, during conflict periods, during patient transport situations and in other scenarios; the Curas Emergency Sets will play a vital role in preventing infections and nosocomial conditions. The Infection Prevention Emergency Sets by Curas will be rolled out during 2017.

15 Dec 2016

The American Journal of Infection Control issue 44 (2016) pages e107 through e111, with following title: “Major Article Reproducible elimination of Clostridium difficile spores using a clinical area washer disinfector in 3 different health care sites.” discusses the opportunities for eradication of C-diff risks on the surfaces of traditional hospital (and nursing home) bedpans (and slipper-pan/fracture-pans/commode-pans/wash-basins/wash-bowls by extension).

The study lays out very clearly that only under the MOST PERFECT of circumstances, will the bedpan washer-disinfector (WD) be able to cope. The study shows a significant number of risk factors, limitations and complications which all, every single one, will drive down the disinfection performance significantly.

The study shows how complex it has become, with temperatures, with detergents, with loading of machines, with capacity (washing one or two pieces), with staff errors, with lack of response-time (bedpans ‘drying up’), with physical errors on the machines.

As a result of such studies, taking the ever-increasing costs of using washer-disinfectors into account, it is Curas recommendation to all healthcare facilities to commence the use of disposable alternative systems.