The original business plan for Curas was created in 2002 – 2003, by the founder of Curas:

A decade of international medical devices business experience, various board responsibilities, academic credentials from a leading European business school and a unique background of Asian, American and European medical business insight and understanding; formed the early stages of ‘shaping up’ what today makes up Curas international business.

After the completion of the initial business model, external scrutiny and review, followed 2005 where Curas Ltd. was incorporated in Great Britain.

Curas soon after commenced operations into Asia Pacific because of the growing importance of the region. The creation of the administrative platform in Penang, Malaysia, became an important landmark for the young company.

Throughout, our important Curas brand was created and further developed by a team of highly respected international external marketing and branding experts; who – successfully - delivered what today is our name, logo & brand. From Denmark, a country known for excellence in design; they managed to give us our identity; an identity which sends out the signals of quality and reliability, ambition and trust.

The Curas brand was since validated by marketing experts in several European countries and finally chosen for its superior, but careful, brand statement.

2003-4 Company idea is formed. First business plan is drafted.
2005 1Q Ole Strange (fmr. Medicotest/Ambu, now Dansac/Hollister) becomes advisor and non-executive chairman.
2005 30 AUG Casper L Kobke, founder and managing director, resigns his position at Unomedical Ltd. (former Maersk Medical A/S, ConvaTec).
2005 4Q Curas brand is launched, application for wide-covering trademark protection is filed.
2005 16 NOV Curas Ltd. is incorporated in Bristol, Great Britain.
2006 European distribution partners are appointed in key European countries.
2006 3Q Regional Manager Janice Lim (former Unomedical Sdn Bhd), is employed in Penang.
2007 3Q Curas Ltd. Representative Office moves into new purpose-built offices in Penang.
2008 Manufacturing agreements are made with suppliers in Malaysia.
2008 1Q Curas acquires www.curas.com and begins national domain name purchases.
2008 3Q Curas signs logistics & warehousing-hub agreement with DSV in Gent, Belgium.
2008 4Q Curas receives its wide-cover trademark approval for Curas (the brand).
2008 4Q First delivery of Curas branded medical devices into the hub in Belgium.
2009 Curas Ltd. incorporates its subsidiary company, Curas Ireland Ltd.
2010 1Q Strategy-review confirms focus areas (Nursing, Incontinence and Facility Supply).
2010 1Q First Asian delivery of Curas products – Curas wins tender in Singapore.
2010 2Q Curas products are now delivered to 20+ countries.
2010 4Q Curas completes European distribution agreements in remaining countries.
2010 4Q In-house Graphics Department is added, to improve response time and marketing output.
2011 2Q Curas enters into exclusive agreement with major Australian distributor.
2011 3Q Curas introduces the new 2D barcode system on all packaging.
2011 4Q First FCL (full container load) is delivered to Australia.
2011 4Q Curas expands and moves to a new purpose-built office in Penang.
2012 2Q Kim Ginnerup (Missionpharma A/S) becomes a shareholder, non-exec chairman.
2012 3Q www.curas.com expands to include new design PDS files.
2012 3Q Curas products are now delivered to over 30+ countries.
2012 4Q Janice Lim is promoted General Manager and shareholder of Curas Ltd.
2013 1Q Manufacturing in Europe commences (France and Great Britain).
2013 3Q Curas Ltd. is awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditation by DQS GmbH of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
2014 1Q Curas completes Urology range by launching Curas Drainage Bags.
2014 3Q First FCL (full container load) volume of business to North America.
2014 4Q Curas audit of Medical Devices Directive 13485 (CE mark) for Manufacturing & Administration.
2015 1Q Launch of portal www.curas.biz as Download Center for international distribution partners.
2015 2Q Launch of www.curas.com in comprehensive upgrade for multiplatform use.
2016 1Q Curas commences use of brand-new Asia regional office (Penang, Malaysia)
2016 2Q International Patent Application for all-new Emptying Bag concept by Curas Urology
2016 3Q Infection Prevention Emergency Sets strategy is launched.
2016 4Q Major national tender is won in Canada
2017 1Q Curas-5-Concepts new strategy is introduced to Distributors and Partners
Curas files international patent for new medical pulp product solution
2017 3Q Expansion of Canadian market activities
2018 1Q Curas Education introduces first training video for Infection Prevention
2018 4Q Curas appoints TÜV as Notified Body for all CE and MDD related matters.
2019 1Q Curas successfully completes upgrade to EN ISO 13485:2016.
2019 2Q Concept Completion of world’s first Closed Drainage System for Bladder Instillation.
2019 4Q Curas develops 2L, 3L and 4L Wash Bowls range w/HCB
2020 1Q First-ever single-use Female urine bottle w/SAP by Curas™ introduced
2020 2Q SAP by Curas™ range strengthened by new Curas Pad product
2020 3Q Curas develops unique new range of Long Protective Glove for patient bed-bathing
2021 1Q Curas Sdn Bhd subsidiary in Malaysia
2021 2Q Successfully issued patent to Curas for its Male Urinal range
2021 3Q MDR audit for Curas class 1 products
2022 1Q Upgraded participation on Arab Health, UAE and regional Gulf sales focus
2022 2Q Design and development of new C10 Urine-Meter by Curas range
2022 4Q US Patent issued to Curas for the C3 Emptying Bags portfolio
2023 1Q Operations started of Curas GmbH for CE-regulatory and EU-marketing focus
2023 2Q Entering major distribution agreement for South East Asia countries

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