25 MAR 2015

Dedicated partner site known as Curas Download Center is being introduced on the (access requires credentials) site. As a new business-to-business service, Curas is now offering selected distribution partners unprecedented and convenient access to more data and resources than ever before.

Since the launch of the beta version Curas Download Center the international and national distribution channels have benefitted from the easy access to information, and additional features and new material will continuously be made available.

Access is by managed by Curas marketing administration and follows evaluation and invitation procedures.

10 FEB 2015

Curas Facility Supply product line of PPE category (with CE) including gloves, shoe covers, apron became yet more competitive recently thanks to the new Apron Dispensing Box system: Curas is now offering its most popular range of Aprons in the convenience of a 100-pcs dispensing box, much alike the well-known examination gloves dispensing boxes.

“Making it easier for nurses and staff to take an apron, is a big part of our strategy to improve compliance” explains Janice Lim, General Manager, who continues: “Many nurses do not wear protective aprons nearly as frequently as they (really) ought to. With the growing concern of microscopic size air borne particles, and the spread from patient-to-patient and sometimes via staff (who are equally at risk), we wish to see disposable aprons being readily available. The new, and very convenient, 100-pcs box from Curas will hopefully see just that extra little engagement factor” says Janice Lim.

The Medium size apron of 120cm is a common size, and can be ordered by REF 12462 at any local Curas distributor.