10 Feb 2016

At the beginning of 2016 Curas is introducing its all-new Curas C3 Emptying Bag System, a new product and safety standard for the handling & emptying patients’ urine bags and urine hourly measurement systems.

As all nurses know of - and experiences - the growing risks, inconveniences and associated problems with the ad-hoc or repeatedly emptying tasks, related to the catheterization of patients, and as the C3 Emptying Bag concept has been developed with these important issues in mind, offering a big step forward in relation to the nurses’ job handling in this regard.

The C3 focuses on, and delivers, the absolutely safest and most modern solution in regards to minimizing the cross contamination risks and management linked to nosocomial urinary tract infection of catheterized patients. Whether in a short-term operating room related situation, or in a long-term critical care setting, the C3 by Curas adds an unprecedented step forward for Infection Prevention measures – and Curas invites you to trial the product.

Sample kits are available upon request.

1 Dec 2015

Curas is now introducing a new product line for the professional nursing care market: The all-new Disposable Bedpan Support system (fitting Curas Disposable Bedpan Liner 2L REF 08000) which will be available in three types: Regular (40-60kg patient), Heavy Duty (100-125k patient) and Extra Heavy Duty (175-200kg).

The Infection Prevention steps and actions necessary to take for bedridden patients are known & many, and in particular the heavier patients communities often represent an extra difficult situation in terms of the care complexity provided. Therefore Curas is proud to be able to introduce to the international market now the world's only medical pulp compliant product which offers the benefits of i. being disposable, ii. fitting the very popular 2L bedpan liner and iii. being manufactured in environmentally friendly materials.

Casper L Kobke says: "We are, frankly, quite amazed by the strength of our Extra Heavy Duty option product; initially when we developed the range we never dared to think that we could achieve a level of performance to this very high level of patient support. We know from our business partners and Curas supplied hospitals, nursing homes and clinics that there is a real need for improving the medical pulp offering, and we are pleased to - once again - show our patients and business partners alike that the Curas Hygiene PulpT range has always been at the fore of innovation and clinical understanding."

The new product line will be available in all markets, and supported by Curas Logistics in Belgium from Dec 2015 onwards.

Please review our product here.