Social Commitment

Curas is committed to support those who most need our help. The ambition is clear; we wish to make a positive contribution to society. Curas has a role to play and we do not take this pledge lightly.

Being a business enable Curas to share with others part of the wealth and surplus we create by our cost-effective activities.

In close consultation with our international business partners we are committed to the long term interest of those who are weakest.

We find that in today’s world it is all too often women and children who suffer more than anybody in moments of crisis or in chronic deprived situations. We therefore find it in particular important to focus our resources, care and attention towards women and children in need.

A Real Example:

In Malaysia our partner manufacturer Concept Rubber Products is a company who is known for its social responsibility towards its local as well as foreign work force: All workers are entitled to legal working conditions and together with Curas we secure:

  • No children in workforce
  • Everybody is paid the official salary
  • The company contributes lawfully to the health and state pension contribution.

Curas are enforcing a rigorous inspection at each manufacturing site we utilize, regardless of location. We do so in accordance with our own Management Principles, and because we know that it is of paramount importance to our partners, customers and employees to be sure that we do not build a business that is based on exploitation and unreasonable use of people and scarce resources.

This shows as an example of the demands for social behavior that Curas is incorporating in among its manufacturing partners.

Neither Curas nor our customers would like it otherwise.