22 April 2017

Curas Hygiene Pulp™, a market leading range of innovative disposable products, for intended Infection Prevention strategies concerning everyday nursing related tasks, has recently been expanded by the all-new REF 08059 and REF 08060 Disposable Urine Bottle System w/SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber system [REF 08060 only].

Casper L Kobke, director explains: “The specific purpose of the new 1.5L XL-size disposable urinal (urine bottle) is to assist nurses with a high capacity yet disposable product. We know, from customer interviews from around the world that the clinical staff often needs a bigger size bottle, e.g. when handling the fluids from urine bags (when connected to Foley catheter) or during patient-use situations where the male patient is undergoing treatments which accelerate the urine production. The new 1.5L design is unique in terms of its packaging system that is the new 28pcs Compact Dispensing Carton set-up, as well as the pre-loaded SAP by Curas sachets where we use 2x 9g powder for maximum fluid stabilization and finally the fact that each bottle is supplied to the patient with a pre-connected lid enabling the best possible protection, discretion and end-user comfort”.

Curas invites you to contact your nearest Curas appointed distributor or write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

10 April 2017

The important range of pure fibre trays REF 08090-08093 are being upgraded to the all-new Deep Trays range REF 08202-08204, from sizes S to M to L as the initial offering. The trays are uniquely made by virgin fibre material and is known for its very high level of purity, including a surface UV treatment to secure the highest hygienic standards.

An important factor in the new range is the enhanced product design where the edges are of a more significant profile i.e. higher. The extra sides height will improve the end-users experience working with the Curas Deep Trays range, and better utilization of the range will follow. The new range of trays is suitable for ad-hoc sterilization or systematic use by hospitals’ own CSSD services, but the trays range is also very useful for the everyday nursing duties across wards, patient sections, clinics and GP/doctors’ offices.

Like the rest of the Curas Hygiene Pulp™ range the Deep Trays are packed in best-of-class inner packaging as well as outer transport units.

Note: Later in 2017 the range will be further improved with the introduction of even larger sizes and single-packed sterile product offering.