05 JAN 2015

Curas is by 1Q 2015 introducing the next step of our Urine Drainage Bag range expansion, by the all-new C6 Closed System Drainage Bag.

The bag is a so-called Long Term drainage bag suitable for the medium to long term patient catheterization & drainage situation, and thanks to its high quality materials, complete design including bacterial reducing Drip Chamber and needle-free sample port; the Curas C6 meet all customer expectations for a high-end bag with maximum patient protection.

Curas C6 is available through the services of national distribution partners as well as Curas international logistics center in Belgium.

15 JUNE 2014

During 2014 Curas is undertaking a systematic upgrade of its identification system across all levels of packaging. By means of the introduction of a new black/white box, the reference number (REF – product code) will be much more visible and easier for detection. The purpose of the improved identification is to enable a safe (product) selection by clinicians as well as easier handling for logistical staff throughout the supply chain.

Curas expects the new system to be a positive for the users of Curas medical products; and we welcome further suggestions from our international customers.