For the users of urology and incontinence products, Curas commitment and contributions extend to two very important areas.



The Nursing range of products is where you find the medical devices and consumables which relates to the daily care and nursing of patients and healthcare end-users.



Curas is very active in the facility supplies market, as we clearly understand the need to bring quality, but cost-effective, products to this growing market.


Curas News

Innovation in Disposable Wash Bowl area

24-05-2015 Hits:55 News Super User

24 May 2015 As hospitals, nursing homes and clinics struggle with nosocomial risks and costs of reprocessing wash bowls and basins; Curas once again moves the market forward by a brand... Read more

Curas Download Center

25-03-2015 Hits:54 News Super User

25 MAR 2015 Dedicated partner site known as Curas Download Center is being introduced on the (access requires credentials) www.curas.biz site. As a new business-to-business service, Curas is now offering selected... Read more

Curas introduces Apron Dispensing Box System

10-02-2015 Hits:62 News Super User

10 FEB 2015 Curas Facility Supply product line of PPE category (with CE) including gloves, shoe covers, apron became yet more competitive recently thanks to the new Apron Dispensing Box system:... Read more

All-new C6 Long Term Urine Bag Closed System

05-01-2015 Hits:56 News Super User

05 JAN 2015 Curas is by 1Q 2015 introducing the next step of our Urine Drainage Bag range expansion, by the all-new C6 Closed System Drainage Bag. The bag is a so-called... Read more