10 July 2017

Curas has a clear commitment to assist hospitals, nursing homes and other health related facilities to benefit from the introduction of clean, cost-effective and disposable urine bottles. And, as a very unique feature for the Curas product line; the urinals are pre-loaded with SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber.

In order to fully see and understand the product solution; Curas is proud to present a new introduction kit:

A special carton combining the all-new Stainless Steel Wall Rack (REF 11500) and the updated Disposable Urine Bottle w/SAP by Curas™ (REF 08056).

The new demonstration set, ready to bring to the clinical demonstration situation and fully ready to be used in a real patient-driven customer case, is ordered as REF 99865 Trial Set, and it is provided to you via the Curas Logistical Hub in Belgium.

08 May 2017

During 2016 Curas introduced the all-new REF 08027 3L General Purpose Bowl w/Hygiene Control Bag™ system. The product, a low-cost yet very strong inner bowl (core) made by environmentally friendly recycled paper pulp; then added a pre-fitted outer protection bag made of 100% virgin grade HDPE (clean) material, is a very innovative solution for a wide range of clinical uses. Ranging from bedside washing to commode chair bowl use, the REF 08027 3L product can tolerate large quantities, temperatures and types of fluid, over extended periods of time, and thanks to the draw-string system as well as the additional and complimentary use of SAP by Curas™ fluid absorber range, the contaminated liquid / waste will be ultimately controlled and isolated thus providing a true Infection Prevention nursing situation.

Now, based on the experiences of the 08027 3L product, Curas is now pleased to introduce the 08026 2L General Purpose Bowl w/Hygiene Control Bag™ system. Based upon the proven concept of the 3L product mentioned above, the new 2L disposable bowl product takes aim equally at bedside nursing and hygiene tasks, including those duties relating to general incontinence care, washing and facial hygiene, wound care management and of course as a very hygienic and safe receiver and container for the commode (toilet) chair use.

The REF 08026 and 08027 are available by Curas logistical hub in Gent, Belgium as well as for FCL direct container shipments.