SAP Bottle Dispenser

SAP Bottle Dispenser



SAP by Curas™ includes the 750g bottle dispenser unit, which – once the SAP is in with fluid – will start to absorb with immediate effect (usually a few seconds after initial fluid contact).

The end-result of the SAP process is a crystallization of the fluid mass which stabilize it and prevents it from unintentionally moving, spilling or splashing.

The sachet of approx. 6g size is inserted into the hollowware at first and subsequently the contact with fluid automatically activate the product’s performance without the need for the user to manually opening the sachet first; simply leave it in the e.g.:

  • Urine Bottle
  • Bed Pan
  • Slipper Pan
  • Commode Pan
  • Toilet Chair Bowl
  • Vomit Bag
  • Vomit Bowl
  • Hazard Canister
  • Infectious Bath Water Bowl

Modern healthcare providers are increasingly focusing on the dangerous aspects of airborne particles. The stabilization of any bodily fluid is a primary concern and thus priority – the answer to this problem lies in the SAP by Curas™ product line.

The SAP can be applied to both disposable and reusable hollowware and where e.g. a bed pan or a urinal is re-processed for decontamination; the washing processes will flush out the crystallized human waste fluid even when it is initially stabilized by SAP.


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Outer Carton ( Case ) 12
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~11