Prefilled Syringes

Prefilled Syringes



As catheterization continues to be an important part of patient treatments, and as hospitals and facilities are focusing on total costs of treatments; the ready-to-use and Made by Curas available prefilled syringes are in increasing demand.

Being packed sterile, either separately or together with 100% Silicone Foley Catheters; these prefilled syringes secures that the sterile field for the catheterization isn’t compromised, and it also secure that the staff isn’t wasting valuable time on manually filling catheters, possibly compromising the cleanliness or uses the wrong product or fluid solution.

A specially made dispensing WardPak™ unit secures that the patient wards and clinics are always being provided the convenient storage & distribution solution, supported by state-of-the-art barcodes for tracking and cost allocation.


REF 20350 - 20351 QTY
Peel Pouch 1
Inner Bag 25
Outer Carton ( Case ) 200
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~6