Hygiene Control Bag™

Hygiene Control Bag™

REF 06303-06305-06306-06403-06453_V2
REF 06303
REF 06305
REF 06306
REF 06403_V1-wREF
REF 06453


The Hygiene Control Bag™ is designed to provide useful and convenient way for isolating and disposing dangerous or contaminated waste. Such waste can include human waste and general waste. In addition, the product can also be used as a wash bowl liner for patient washing, holding patient’s personal belongings etc. The Hygiene Control Bag™ is available in 3 sizes, S, M and L for different usage.

Curas is pleased to provide extended and very detailed product information in the Product Datasheet (PDS) for this particular medical product. Please download the PDS file on the next pane, and feel free to ask any questions by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


REF 06303 QTY
Inner Bag (FlatPak™) 100
Carton (WardPak™) 3000
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~12


REF 06305 QTY
Inner Bag (RollPak™) 150
Outer Carton (WardPak™) 1200
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~14


REF 06306 QTY
Inner Bag (RollPak™) 50
Outer Carton (WardPak™) 600
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ~11


REF 06403 QTY
FlatPak 20
WardPak™ 80
Outer Carton 240
KG per Outer Carton (Case) ~13


REF 06453 QTY
FlatPak 50
WardPak™ 200
Outer Carton 600
KG per Outer Carton (Case) ~16