Critical Care

C10 UrineMeter 500 | PLUS



Curas C10 UrineMeter | PLUS is an hourly measuring solution that provides optimum accuracy for monitoring patients’ urine output to track their health condition during critical care.

There are a number of distinct advantages of utilizing the C10 UrineMeter | PLUS. To provide a quick and accurate reading of urine the C10 | PLUS comes with an opaque background for prominent measurements. The three compartments placed in progressive order allows straight forward understanding of measurements. The C10 UrineMeter | PLUS can be placed flat without affecting the measurement of urine collected. The dual hanger availability increases the compatibility of attachment to any bed frames or hangers.

The C10 UrineMeter | PLUS includes all the essential features you would see in any urine meter. These include 500ml overflow, 150cm anti-kink tube, needle-free sampling port, and a High-Capacity Cross Valve (HCCV) for one-handed open and close. The system is recommended for long-duration use of up to 14 days.

The sterile Exchange Bags for Curas C10 UrineMeter | PLUS comes with a 2L capacity with an option for with or without a bottom outlet.


REF 20723 QTY
Peel Pouch 1
Outer Carton 10
Kg per Outer Carton ~5kg


REF Description Peel Pouch (pcs) Outer Carton (pcs) Kg per Outer Carton
20790 2L Exchg. Bag 1 100 ~5kg
20791 2L Exchg. Bag w/BO 1 80 ~5kg