C6 Closed System Bags - Long Term

C6 Closed System Bags - Long Term

REF 205608


The high-end closed systems bags from Curas C6 range are all equipped with the important features of a professional use drainage bag: It comes with integrated bed-hanger system, a drip chamber developed to stop any reverse flow or migration of bacteria as well as a quick monitoring of the urine flow status and other premium features such as a needle-free sampling port and convenient bottom-outlet valves allowing for easy and fast drainage.

Note regarding pre-connected urine bags and Foley catheter: Curas does not subscribe to the claimed advantages of a pre-connected system, instead we believe it provides significant inconvenience, it drives up cost prices and it often leads to the wrong size of Foley catheters being used.


REF 20560 QTY
Peel Pouch 1
Inner Bag 20
Outer Carton ( Case ) 80
KG per Outer Carton ( Case ) ∼13